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      Instructions for using glue for color steel composite board

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        The compounding process of the color steel composite panel is the production process of homogenizing the product, and it is a special process for producing the color steel composite panel, which can also be called a special production process. And the choice of this glue:
        Usually use BCP-821 glue (special glue for color steel composite board), divided into group A glue (black glue) and group B glue (white glue); when repairing and bonding are needed, single-component glue (commonly known as manual glue) is used. There is no distinction between A and B, and it can be used directly. BCP-821 glue is divided into winter glue and summer glue according to the limitation of temperature difference.
        The use of this glue:
        The A and B two-component glue of BCP-821 glue is conducted through the system of the glue machine, and is evenly dropped on the surface of the color steel composite board together. Through the transmission of the glue brush, the two groups of glue are mixed and evenly coated on the color steel plate. , Gradually produce foaming. Therefore, at room temperature (15°C-30°C), the foaming time after the glue is assembled is 20-40 seconds, and the curing time is 50-70 seconds. The ratio of A and B two-component glue is 1:1, and the technological requirements for the ratio are provided by the glue manufacturer.
        It is required that the glue should always be pure and free of impurities. After the glue is combined, the bonding strength is >10N/cm, and the bonding area between the color steel board and the EPS board is ≥85%, and the spread is uniform, and no unbonded areas >5mm are allowed. No glue mark area on the edge <10%, width <30mm.
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