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      Composition and Application of Black-and-White Adhesive for Color Steel

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      Color steel black-and-white glue is widely used. It has many advantages, such as easy to use, fast solidification speed and good stability. So what are its components? How do we use it? Coloured steel black-and-white glue we have to go to a good understanding.

      I. Composition of Black-and-White Adhesive for Color Steel

      As its name implies, the black-and-white gum of color steel is composed of black gum and white gum. However, its color is not black-and-white, but light yellow and brown viscous liquids, which are blended in proportion of one to one or two to form black-and-white gum of color steel.

      II. Use of Black-and-White Adhesive for Color Steel

      So how to use the black-and-white glue of color steel? In fact, its use method is very simple. First, mix the main agent and the auxiliary agent of the black-and-white glue of color steel proportionally, then clean the material with professional methods, and then apply the black-and-white glue of color steel directly by mechanical or manual methods, so as to make the glue fully adhere to each part of the material without any impurities such as bubbles. But at this time, please note that do not touch the product directly with your hands, which will cause damage to your skin, while working to maintain the ventilation of the workplace, to avoid inhaling bad gas, have an impact on the body.

      III. Application of Black-and-White Adhesive for Color Steel

      Color steel black and white glue can be applied to many aspects of family decoration and site construction, such as color steel plate, foam board, metal plate, plastic and so on. It is easy to use and saves people a lot of trouble. After having a certain understanding of the color steel black-and-white glue, if you have a certain need in life, you can have a deep understanding and buy the color steel black-and-white glue you need.


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