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      Three characteristics of color steel sandwich panel adhesive

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      As the name implies, the color steel composite board glue is used in the color steel composite board to play a role in adhesion. As the main material of roof insulation, color steel plate is widely used. There are many characteristics of color steel composite glue in manufacturing, installation, use, maintenance and leakage prevention. Here is a short edition to tell you what characteristics of choosing color steel composite glue.
      1. Light weight.
      The extruded polystyrene sandwich board weighs 34~38 kg per square metre. Good insulation and heat insulation.
      2, black and white glue technology is advanced.
      Fully automatic continuous production equipment is adopted. The main links are controlled by computer, and the quality of production meets the national industry standards.
      3. Good stiffness.
      Because the extruded polystyrene core material is an integral forming room, it is then bonded to the upper and lower surface steel plates by heating and pressing. After forming the sandwich panel, the color steel composite plate glue has excellent integrity, and the overall stiffness of the roof panel is better than other similar materials. After the sandwich board is fixed with purlin through connectors, the overall stiffness of roof and wall is greatly improved, and the overall working performance of roof and wall is strengthened.
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