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      What are the characteristics of the new color steel composite board glue

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        Color steel composite board is one of the more widely used building materials in the modern construction industry. It is light and flexible, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, strong and durable, and can meet the construction needs of different consumers. In order for manufacturers of color steel composite panels to make the material of composite panels stronger, it is indispensable to use Shandong color steel composite panel glue to bond the panels during the production process. The new types of glue mainly include the following types:
        Unique formula
        In the building materials glue industry, most of the glue types currently used are polyether formula glues. The glue of this formula has better moisture and heat resistance and water resistance, but it has a high price, poor toughness, viscosity and body strength. The lack of it makes it quite criticized in the application process, and the new color steel composite board glue adopts a modified polyester formula in the formula. It has strong toughness, high viscosity, and the price is very common. Consumer's approval.
        It is easier to do manual operations in the application process
        Many construction workers are more concerned about the ratio of glue when using traditional building materials glue. When using a two-component glue binder, it is a mixture of 1:1.5, 1:1.8 or 1:1.4 The ratio is very difficult to match. A slight negligence of the ratio is out of adjustment. The obvious result is that the composite board cracks prematurely due to insufficient viscosity when bonding the color steel composite board. This new type of composite board glue uses 1: The mixing ratio of 1 makes manual operation easier, and its permeability, bonding degree, and bonding effect are also very obvious.
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