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      Surface treatment method of colored steel composite board before glue

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        The manufacturer of color steel composite board glue said that before using color steel composite board glue to bond the board, the surface of the board needs to be treated first. The commonly used treatment methods are mainly:
        I. Solvent cleaning method: It mainly removes oil and other dirt on the surface. Generally, the surface is wiped or cleaned with an inexpensive and easily available organic solvent. This method is simple, easy to implement, and has a low cost and good effect. It is often used, sometimes You can also use a cleaning agent (water-based) or water with a surfactant to achieve better results. It should be noted that when cleaning the surface (especially plastic surface) with a solvent, it is necessary to check whether the surface is Dissolution and erosion, if there is another choice, pay attention to prevent fire and ventilation.
      Ⅱ. Mechanical treatment: On a larger scale, sandblasting is used for surface treatment, or abrasive cloth (sandpaper) is used for surface sanding. Which method can be selected according to requirements. Pay attention to dust prevention during treatment.
      3. Chemical treatment: For highly demanding glued joints or low-energy surfaces that cannot meet the requirements, chemical treatment is commonly used. This method has the characteristics of economy, reliable quality, and suitability for large area and batch product processing. In addition to the clean and rough surface, it also has the function of improving the surface chemical properties, which can greatly improve the strength and durability.
      24. Other treatment methods: such as plasma treatment method, radiation treatment method and graft treatment method, etc., these methods are not used in the construction industry.
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