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      Introduction to seven characteristics of color steel composite board glue

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      Color steel composite board glue is the most common black and white glue, black and white glue is a common adhesive, its white glue is a kind of red and black liquid, transparent appearance, color slightly darker than black glue, black glue is a kind of bright red liquid, black and white glue has some smell. Especially black glue, because of its material problems, it must be sealed and placed during storage. it must not contact with chemicals such as water, alcohol, acid, etc. Colored steel composite glue has seven major characteristics, namely:
      1. it has a relatively large infiltration radius and solidification volume ratio. when encountering water, it will react with chemical energy to release CO2. 3. the pressure generated by the gas will push the slurry to diffuse to the depth of the crack, forming a tough consolidated body.
      2. super adhesion, even overweight building panels can be fixed with this kind of glue surface. even if they are subjected to any great shock force, they will not cause any damage to the surface of the building body.
      3. the conditions of use are broad. many other colored steel black and white adhesives require more conditions. however, the requirements for the conditions of colored steel black and white adhesives in the process of use are relatively low. there is great randomness in terms of the environment temperature of use alone. this kind of adhesive can be used flexibly as long as it is between MINUS 10 degrees celsius and 100 degrees celsius.
      4. the color steel composite board adhesive has good hydrophobic function and high chemical non - disorder.
      5. when in use, the color steel composite board glue coating is smooth, abrasion - resistant, mildew - free, acid - resistant, alkali-resistant and organic solvent - resistant, and has good chemical corrosion resistance.
      6. the viscosity and curing speed of grouting glue can be adjusted according to the needs of the project.
      7. excellent bonding function with concrete base and other building materials.
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