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      Two major problems that should be paid attention to in making colored steel composite board glue

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      Colored steel composite board glue is a kind of neutral curing and is specially designed for the bonding and assembling of structures in building curtain walls. Can be easily extruded and used under a wide air temperature condition, and can be cured into excellent, durable high modulus and high elasticity silicone rubber by relying on moisture in the air. In order to ensure that the composite board is strong enough and the movable house built by the color steel composite board is strong enough, it is very important to reasonably use the color steel composite board glue. So, how should people reasonably use glue in the process of making color steel composite plates?
      1. pay attention to the construction temperature of colored steel composite board glue
      The bonding effect of colored steel composite board glue is influenced by environment and temperature. When the surface of the board is too dirty, or there is too much dust, or it is too wet, or the temperature is too high or too low during construction, it will be difficult for the glue to exert its proper bonding effect.
      2, to ensure uniform stirring and appropriate proportion
      A considerable part of the adhesives used, such as glue, require the use of two glue proportions, and the glue proportions of different brands and raw materials are also different. What consumers need to pay attention to here is that the glue should be evenly stirred before taking out the glue.
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