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      Instructions for the production and operation of color steel composite board glue

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      When using Shandong color steel composite board glue, the relevant operating instructions mainly include the following:
      1. Carefully check whether the glue suction filter is intact and clean, and then check the hose and drip hose; it should be clean and free of impurities, and if there is any, clean it in time.
      2. Start the metering glue pump for a cyclic test. The glue is returned from the barrel through the pump and the hose to the barrel. During the test, the air in the pipe should be exhausted and the flow rate should be observed. Run for 10 minutes after normal.
      3. Connect the hose to the drip tube. After turning on the pump, carefully observe each small hole on the drip tube or clean the drip tube.
      4. After shutting down, plug and seal all the glue holes with pins, and then pull them out before starting to work.
      5. If the machine stops for about 24 hours, remove the drip hose and wash it for later use. Return the hose to the rubber bucket and insert it under the glue surface for later use. The glue pump should be started every other day to allow the glue to circulate 5 -10 minutes, and make sure that there is glue and no air in the pump and tube.
      6. If you do not start production for a long time, remove the glue pump, soak and wash it with acetone or thinner for later use.
      7. Before starting up and running, first make the homogenizing system device (homogeneous plate), choose different homogenizing plates according to the plate type to be produced, use sponge as cushion, and air cushion film to play the role of homogenizing.
      8. Start the production, press the homogenizing board, and start the homogenizing operation.
      9. The production speed of the main machine is about 4.2 m/min (the main machine panel frequency converter displays 52Hz), and the glue pump control frequency converter should be adjusted at 17Hz-18Hz.
      10. When the temperature is low, the infrared electric heating device can be turned on to run production.
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