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      Why should the color steel composite board glue be surface treated before use?

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      Generally, the color steel composite board glue needs to be treated before use. Why do you want to do this?
       (1) Before being surface treated, the adherends often have oil stains, release agents, weathering layers, carbonized layers or rust layers. These unclean, non-solid surface layers, if not removed, will affect the bonding. performance.
       (2) The rough grain treatment on the surface of the adherend can increase the actual bonding area of the bonded part. For example, sand blasting can increase the bonding area of the polished metal surface by 20 times. In addition, the rough surface can make It has been confirmed by theory and practice that the cured adhesive forms a more engaging structure with the adherend---the mechanical bonding force to improve the bonding strength.
       (3) Surface treatment can improve surface properties, such as chemical treatment of metal surfaces, which can improve the surface tension on the surface of the adherend, thereby improving the adhesive strength of the adhesive. Some difficult-to-stick low-energy surfaces, plastics and rubber, can be surface treated. Effective bonding (such as treatment of tetrafluoroethylene with sodium-naphthalene solution), the surface treatment of the coupling agent can also improve the bonding performance, so the surface treatment is very important in the material bonding process.
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